When you decide to begin looking for a job, you may become inundated with completing applications, updating your resume and perfecting your cover letter. In the process, you may forget that you have a LinkedIn profile, or that you haven’t updated it in a lengthy time. Or, you may not know exactly how to complete your profile to optimize it during a job search. Below is a concise summary of how to perfect your LinkedIn profile, and make it an asset during your job search and career.


Choose a Professional Picture

Avoid using a selfie, a picture of you dancing in a club, or one that shows you with a group of friends. Choose a picture that demonstrates class and professionalism.


Keep Your Job History Updated

Make sure your current job history is shown, and use your profile as an online resume. Employers don’t want to see lengthy gaps in employment. Add your education, and fill out all the information associated with your work history, education and skills. Doing so demonstrates you are serious about showcasing and selling yourself.


Spelling and Grammar

Take time to review what you wrote is free of spelling and grammar errors. Lack of punctuality is a major turn off. Use the first-person tense.


Be Professional and Personal

Write a thoughtful and concise “about me” section. Inject your personality in to your profile, and avoid cliché phrases and words. Allow your profile to express things that a resume or cover letter can’t.


Job History

Even if you are unemployed, list a current occupation. On LinkedIn, your job title appears under your name on your profile underneath your picture. If unemployed, list the job title you wish to obtain, followed by the words “In Transition.” For example, if you want to work as a Personal Banker, write “Personal Banker In Transition,” as your current job.

Ready to find your next opportunity?

Looking for a job can be overwhelming and stressful. The advent of the internet now allows candidate recruitment to occur 24/7. If you need assistance marketing yourself during a job search, consider consulting with Sage Staffing, an industry leader and expert in administrative and office staffing for over a quarter century.

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