Most people make the mistake of taking a job they dislike at least once. Sometimes it’s due to people not asking the right questions before starting, and other times the job simply isn’t a good fit. Knowing what you want to do is a good first step. Here are three more that’ll help you land your dream payroll job.

Money Isn’t the Only Thing


While a high-paying job helps create financial stability, a great salary will not ensure happiness in your life, or in your career. Money should be a consideration, but if it is the main factor in your job search, don’t expect it to compensate for an unfulfilling career. If the job is only a “good fit” because of the paycheck, you may want to change course. Be willing to take a lower salary in exchange for a job you can envision doing for a long time.

The Interview


During the interview, take time to observe your employer. Honestly evaluate whether you can see yourself working with them, and if you would be happy with the atmosphere. Ask questions that will help you understand the culture and environment. For example, if overtime is required or you will have to work weekends. Use your intuition to determine if you would get along with management and staff.

Be Selective


You may not be offered your dream job immediately. Be patient, and don’t accept the first job you are offered. Be willing to be picky, and if you question whether a position would make you happy, wait for another opportunity. Don’t settle solely because it’s more convenient. Apply to jobs that make you excited, even if you think you may be underqualified. Widen your job search to areas that are further away, and trust your instincts.

Ready for a new job?

Finding a job you love takes work. You must be honest with what you are looking for and what will make you happy. Consider using Sage Staffing to assist you in your job hunt, to make sure the job you get is the job you will love.

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