Believe it or not, recruiters and hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds going through a resume to see whether an applicant is worth considering as a serious candidate. And according to some studies, this decision can be made in less than six seconds.


This means that EVERYTHING about your resume has to be on point, from your contact information and objective to your experience and education sections. Unfortunately, this is far easier said than done. In fact, many job seekers are guilty of making common resume mistakes that shut them out of consideration.


Listed below are three of the most common resume mistakes that just might ruin your chances of landing the job:


Typos and Grammatical Issues

If writing and editing are not your strong suit, consider approaching a friend or colleague with strong writing skills. Better yet, you can consult a professional copywriter who specializes in resume writing. Sure, it may cost a bit of money to put your resume together, but it’s an investment that ultimately pays for itself when it leads to you getting a job.


Not Matching Your Resume to the Position You’re Applying For

Employers want to see clear evidence that an applicant is genuinely interested in the role and is not just another application spammer hitting the “apply” button on every job posting he or she sees. Customizing your resume to the specific opportunity you are applying for shows the recruiter or hiring manager that you have taken the time to match your professional background with the role. This also makes it clear that you have the qualifications and skills to take on the job.


Your Resume is Either Too Long or Too Short

There are no hard and fast rules over how long or how short a resume should be. For example, if you have 20 years of relevant work experience, it’s not like you can fit all that information in a one-page resume. Still, your resume should be as concise as possible, but without cutting out the “meat and potatoes” of your profile and credentials. In other words, your resume must contain everything a potential employer should know about you and how you would fit into a role in as few sentences as possible.


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