You’ve finally found an opening for the accounting job of your dreams. But before you update your resume with your credentials and work experience, have you stopped to ask yourself, “What makes me unique?”


As a job seeker, it’s a good idea to think of yourself as a brand and employers and employment agencies as potential customers. That means figuring out your unique selling proposition (USP) or X-factor—the one thing that sets you apart from other people looking for accounting jobs.


To get noticed by employers, follow these strategies on your search for an accounting job in the Antelope Valley.


Revamp Your Resume


Ideally, you should be doing this before anything else. Whether it’s your first time looking for an accounting job or it’s been years since you last sought accounting work, you want your resume format to be clean and professional.


Here are a few resume tips to remember:


  • If you’re fresh from an accounting course and only have your education and internship to share, place these at the top.
  • Highlight any college activities or projects to show potential employers you have the skills they need to make up for your lack of real-world experience.
  • If you have a long work history, sort your experience by chronological order and list only jobs that actually apply to the position.

Do Your Homework on the Employer


If the position is being offered by an accountancy firm, find out as much as you can about the company—from their core strengths and unique selling propositions, to their market position and even corporate culture. The more you know about the company and the role you wish to apply for, the easier it will be to show the hiring manager you’re someone who genuinely wants that accounting job, instead of someone who’s simply looking for any open accounting position.


Use Your Cover Letter to Market Yourself as a Solution


Instead of submitting an ordinary cover letter, be specific. A good approach is to highlight a certain challenge the organization is currently facing (whether it’s their financial situation or a solvency issue) and state how having you on-board would help solve that problem. First, this bold strategy shows the employer you’ve done your homework on the company. Second, it shows you’ve given thought to how you could immediately make an impact on the company should they hire you.


Of course, you need to actually live up to this promise, highlighting your unique combination of accounting skills and experience as a solution (or part of the solution) to the company’s problems.

Ready For Your Next Accounting Opportunity?

If you need further assistance in your accounting job search, schedule a consultation with the staffing services specialists in the Antelope Valley. Contact Sage Staffing today to learn more about how we can help you.

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