Social media is the elephant in the room in today’s new world of recruitment. While job hunts have always been a two-way street in the sense that employers also conduct background checks on potential employees, thanks to the rise of social media, it has never been easier to check you out online. In fact, according to a CareeerBuilder survey, 60 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates.


What you need to do is clean up your social media profiles to make sure none of what you say, share or even like will affect your chances of getting your dream job. Listed below are three ways to give yourself a social media clean up while job hunting.


Risqué Photos, Videos, and Posts


Anything you upload that can be seen by a potential employer is fair game and can be used to disqualify you from consideration. If you have risqué photos, videos or posts you know shouldn’t be seen by a potential boss, remove it right away from your social media profiles.


It doesn’t even have to be anything overtly sexual or crass. Uploading photos and videos of you partying on a weekend, a photo of a new tattoo, or even your political beliefs can be used to evaluate your judgment and character. Remember, when in doubt, just remove it from your social media profile.


Watch What You Say


Another thing you should be careful about online is how you conduct yourself when commenting on threads and social media content. When an employer sees you ranting on a company’s social media page, or arguing with someone over a polarizing political or religious issue, don’t be surprised if your chances of getting the job decrease.


The best option? Let companies evaluate you on your skills and credentials — don’t let what you say on social media complicate things any further.


Separate Your Personal and Private Social Media Life


A big part of your social media clean up is to keep your social media life private; however, it pays to make your professional life easier to find online. At the very least, you should have a LinkedIn profile detailing your professional experience, education, portfolio and any published content. You can bet that companies will Google you. The best thing you can do is help them find only the parts you want to share about yourself by compartmentalizing your professional info on one public social media page.


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