For many people who work temporary jobs, it seems next-to-impossible to move to a full-time position in the same company. But the truth is that, while it’s hard, there are still ways for you to make yourself an attractive candidate for a full-time role. Here’s how to do just that.


Pay Attention to Your Soft Skills


Sometimes, your “soft skills” will be the thing that differentiates your resume from your competitors. Many job seekers boast of technical expertise and experience, also known as “hard skills.” But only a few come with hard skills and soft skills, the latter referring to the ability to:


  • communicate effectively;
  • work as part of a team and perhaps even lead it;
  • maintain a positive attitude; and
  • show up on time consistently.


Remember, character matters. Don’t underestimate it.


Show You Have Initiative


If you have the opportunity to go out of your way and put in some extra work, don’t wait for your boss to ask you to pitch in. Volunteering on other tasks is a chance to show your skills and willingness to work hard, learn and improve yourself. This is especially true for free training programs, which many employees often ignore and take for granted.


Network, Network, Network


If all you’re doing is talking to your boss or immediate supervisors, don’t be surprised if your co-workers think you’re just “brown-nosing” the company’s bigwigs. Instead, make an effort to get to know everyone in the company — not just your superiors. Simple conversations over coffee or lunch will help you build personal relationships with your co-workers; these also present the opportunity to get career advice or leads on future openings you can apply for.


Take Your Time


While it’s obviously important to show your boss you’re interested in full-time opportunities, don’t let this eagerness distract you from performing the work you were hired to do in the first place. Before anything else, you need to prove you were worth hiring for your current job. Take your time to show the quality of work, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to ask for feedback and advice on how to do a better job.


Keep Your Options Open


It’s hard enough to move to a full-time position as a temp worker. So, do yourself a favor and keep your options open. Even if you have a particular role you want to apply for inside the company, don’t rule out other full-time positions. Any full-time job is better than no job at all. Besides, you may discover a career path you’ll end up loving.


Looking for a job?

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