The challenge of hunting for a job can be lonely. YOU spend hours on the internet looking for open positions and opportunities. YOU write your resume and cover letter. YOU are alone as you wait for your turn to be interviewed in the office lobby.

Naturally, this isolation can exacerbate the tension and anxiety that has come to define the job search in today’s competitive jobs market. But it doesn’t have to be that way, not when you can enlist the help of a professional staffing firm that can do the hard work of looking for open positions, seeing which ones match your skills and credentials, and even letting you in on opportunities not being advertised to the general public.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of working with a staffing agency.


Staffing Firms Have Practical Industry Experience

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably spent only a few months actively looking for work all your life. Sure, you know how the job-search process works, but you’re not exactly an expert, right?


In contrast, staffing firms live and breathe the job-search process. And unlike most Americans, who alternate between long periods of employment and brief periods of unemployment (the latter being time spent looking for a job), staffing professionals are on the job every day, which means they have a pulse on the job market, making it easier for them to make recommendations based on the current employer landscape.


Bottom line? A staffing firm can help you find relevant opportunities more quickly, allowing you to avoid the usual surprises and challenges that catch many job seekers off guard.

Staffing Firms Have Insights Like no Other

So, how do staffing agencies work to find the right job for you? Staffing firms don’t just have experience, they have industry insights that come from the connections they’ve built with multiple HR departments and hiring managers in companies, and even other recruiters in affiliated staffing agencies around the country.


Because most staffing agencies spend years working with the same pool of clients and hiring decision makers, they have firsthand knowledge over what they want in candidates—including the things they don’t mention in job descriptions. This makes it easier for them to make recommendations based not just on a candidate’s technical skills and core competencies, but also their culture fit and values. The result? A faster and smoother hiring and onboarding process for candidates.


Opportunities for Passive Candidates

Staffing firms offer services that are ideal for the needs of passive job seekers—people who are employed but may express interest in the right opportunity should it present itself. When you already have a job, you probably don’t have time keep an eye out for special employment opportunities.


This is where a staffing firm comes in, alerting you right away should your dream job pop up.


Want to Know More About the Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency?

If you need more reasons to work with a staffing firm in Santa Clarita, talk to the staffing services experts of Sage Staffing. Call our offices to learn more about our recruitment solutions or click here for a list of our current job openings!

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