To attain business success, it’s crucial to staff your company with top talent. However, with multiple companies competing for the same talent pool, it can be challenging to find the right payrolling candidates for your requirement. The good news is social media recruiting allows employers to engage on a one-to-one basis with candidates.

What’s more, if a candidate contacts your company through social media, it means they have already engaged with your content or sought out the company profile – which makes them stronger candidates for current job roles. Social media recruiting allows companies to showcase their job positions, culture, diversity and values to prospective candidates.

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage for Hiring Purposes

Step 1. Evaluate the Candidate’s Personality and Behaviors

Check the candidate’s past posts for content and quality to evaluate their habits and preferences. This gives you the opportunity to segment potential candidates not only by their expertise, but also by personality traits.

Step 2. Promote the Job Opening on Multiple Social Media Channels for Maximum Outreach

Use Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to advertise job openings – LinkedIn is not the only recruiting platform; you’ll not only attract targeted candidates but also spend fewer dollars on hiring.

Step 3. Encourage Current and Past Candidates to Share Previous Experiences

Firsthand experiences and testimonials from current and ex-employees helps your company attract top talent by reinforcing your brand image. Reshare content they’ve already posted online.

Step 4. Showcase Perks, Benefits and Other Bonuses

Advertise any perks, benefits and bonuses that your company offers – as it may not always be possible to compete on salary. Share images of the workplace or company events to engage and educate potential candidates as well as introduce them to workplace experiences.

Step 5. Highlight Volunteer or Charity Work

Showcase any charity effort, volunteer or community work the company is involved in. Candidates increasingly prefer employers who practice social responsibility.

Social Media Is a More Affordable, Flexible and Creative Hiring Tool

Use social networks to identify, attract, engage and hire potential candidates for payrolling positions. What’s more, seasoned recruiters use social media to target the youngest Gen Z payrolling employees, vet candidates and build talent pipelines for future roles. Not only does it offer better outreach, hiring managers can also use it to screen candidates. By planning a social recruiting strategy that is tailored to your needs, your company can attract top talent, engage passive candidates and build a dynamic brand image.

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