While it’s not uncommon to occasionally work 60-hour weeks, many employees are obliged to work long hours regularly. What’s more, demanding bosses, looming deadlines and stressful client meetings make it difficult for us to find the motivation to incorporate healthy meals or exercise.


However, failing to take care of yourself results in serious physical and mental consequences. For example, not only does it lead to job burnout, stress and low energy levels, you may also develop stress-related conditions like hypertension, weight gain and RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) in the process.


The good news is, by adopting the suggestions below, you can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on your work.


4 Effective Health Tips to Survive 60-Hour Workweeks


1. Bring Your Own Healthy Snack to Work

Instead of always ordering out or eating junk food, consider carrying your own healthy snacks to work. To avoid the hassle of cooking every morning, plan and cook small, healthy meals on Sundays (for the week ahead) and prepack them in Tupperware boxes. Include healthy ingredients like vegetables, fruit, olive oil, brown bread and grilled white meats in your meals.


2. Take Regular Breaks

Get up from your chair, interlock your hands and stretch your hands high above your head. Walk around the room or go out for five minutes. Roll your neck clockwise and then counter clockwise 3-4 times to loosen the muscles. Avoid excessive consumption of coffee – increase your water intake instead.


3. Include Small, Doable Exercise Workouts

Start your day with a short, 5-minute jog or 10 minutes of yoga. Use weekends for other exercise like cycling, walking, jogging or swimming. Ensure you include at least 15 minutes of exercise every day – regardless of the work schedule.


4. Make Time for Relaxation and Leisure

Spend time with your friends, loved ones or pets and develop a hobby for leisure time. Make sure you include time for fun, laughter and downtime to relieve stress.


Nurturing Your Health Results in Crucial Life and Work Benefits


While technology has simplified life in many ways, it has also resulted in increased workloads and long hours for many. Routinely working late at the office – or from home – can have severe impacts on our health and fitness levels. Incorporate time for exercise, nutritious meals, yoga and meditation and make them an important part of your daily schedule. A healthy work-life balance leads to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, less stress and improved overall well-being and happiness.

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