Finding quality payroll candidates is a challenge for many companies. The hiring process is often time-consuming, from reviewing applications and screening prospective candidates to interviewing them and checking references. Staffing agencies identify, evaluate and match candidates to employers, which helps to streamline the entire process.


Here are the top four benefits of using a staffing agency.


You’ll Save Time and Resources


Staffing agencies essentially become an extension of your HR department. The hiring process often requires time and resources you may not have. By using a staffing agency, your HR department can focus on the current needs of the company, without getting in the weeds with mundane hiring tasks like reviewing resumes and updating job listings, as well as scheduling and conducting interviews.


You’ll Have Access to a Broader Network of Potential Candidates


Staffing agencies often have their own pipelines of candidates who are actively seeking new opportunities. This network is so well spread it also includes passive candidates who may be looking for a change, provided the right opportunity presents itself. This broader network of potential employees may lead to a candidate who is the perfect fit for your company.


You’ll Reduce Hiring Costs and Risks


Staffing agencies help reduce some of the costs and risks that come along with hiring a new employee. This includes a reduction in:


  • Sourcing and screening costs, including the costs of posting job listings
  • Time spent sourcing candidates and interviewing them
  • Background testing costs
  • Training costs
  • Benefits costs


All these expenses can add up quickly and affect your company’s budget long term.


You’ll Have Better Retention Rates


New hires who are placed by a staffing agency are often temporary or temp-to-hire. This gives you the opportunity to review their performance, work habits and qualifications before offering them a permanent position. This can greatly reduce the turnover by ensuring a good fit for both your company and the candidate in question.

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