Every company has positions that experience high turnover and take forever to fill. Some work is simply undesirable, especially in such a competitive market. Fortunately, there are ways to fill these empty spots on your payroll.


Here are six of our favorites:


Use Social Media


Create social media accounts on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Produce YouTube videos that describe, in detail, the culture of your company and your open positions. This is your opportunity to be creative.


Consider making videos that focus solely on hard-to-fill positions, outlining the responsibilities and highlighting a current employee. This will give candidates an opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of the position, rather than negative connotations associated with the title and job description.


Encourage Referrals


No one can sell your company quite like your employees who understand the requirements of your positions best. Offer incentives for employee recommendations.


For example, you could add $100 to the paycheck of anyone who encourages a talented, long-term employee to apply. On average, employee referrals are higher quality and faster to accept the job – plus, they stay loyal to your company longer.


Highlight Your Benefits


While you can spend time highlighting the benefits of your open positions, consider shifting your focus to the benefits of working for your company. Maybe you offer affordable health care, paid maternity leave or company-sponsored events.


You could also showcase your reliable schedule, fair hours and holiday pay. All of these benefits will bring formerly unwilling applicants to your doorstep. Sometimes, hard workers are willing to take a less-than-ideal job to obtain benefits.


Chuck Your Job Description


If you’re having trouble filling a position the position could simply be underpaid and undesirable. However, your written job description could also be a problem.


If your description rambles, uses too many large words or demands too much for a menial job, applicants are going to walk away. No one wants to feel as though they’ll be criticized for doing work that doesn’t appeal to them anyway. Make your description exciting and list opportunities for promotion. This will give motivated applicants a reason to consider the position.


Take Advantage of Content Marketing


By taking the time to write and publish recruiting content that appeals to your target audience (in this case, potential applicants), you’ll gain authority and build your reputation as an employer of choice.


Go Untraditional


Desperate times call for desperate measures. If advertisements and social media marketing aren’t generating enough attention, hold a job fair. Reach out to a staffing agency. Find potential applicants on LinkedIn. There are many, many ways to contact potential applicants – you just have to find the right methods for your team.

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