Finally, after a tiring search and multiple interviews, you have a job offer.


But before you pop the champagne and celebrate, you need to evaluate things and ask yourself if you should accept the offer or not. Remember, a job contract is often a commitment you have to honor for a significant period of time, so you need to decide whether the job is actually right for you.


Listed below are four questions you can ask yourself to help you make that decision.


Is this a job I can see myself doing long term?


The job offer may require you to commit to the role for an extended period of time, so you need to ask yourself if it’s a job you can see yourself doing it in the long term. If you’re just looking for any job that will help make ends meet and you aren’t ready to make a long-term commitment to the role, you put yourself in the position of having to quit in a few months, which isn’t fair to the company.


Is the company culture desirable?


What’s the point of spending hours at work only to be miserable the whole time? If your personal values don’t align with the company’s values, or your colleagues are known to create a toxic workplace, the job offer is probably not worth it. Considering how often you need to work with co-workers, it’s important your personality and life and work principles are a great fit with the team and company.


What’s the schedule going to be like?


What are the hours going to be like? Will the job have fixed rest days (e.g., weekends)? Are you expected to work overtime on crucial workdays? If you have second thoughts about your ability to stick to the company’s requested schedule, don’t be afraid to bring this up with the HR manager—it may be possible to ask for a better one.


Does the job meet my expectations?


Does the job offer help you meet your short-term and long-term career goals? Are you genuinely excited about the job and see it as an opportunity to further develop your skills and talents? Don’t be embarrassed to put yourself first in this situation—if you aren’t going to get anything from the job, what’s the point?


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