I have to take a minute to express to you my appreciation and gratitude that there are still people like L___ in the world. I have worked with a LOT of temp agencies, and I have NEVER worked with someone who listens, understands, and has a sense of what person could fill a job so perfectly. I had used other agencies, and they did not send candidates that even came close to what I asked for. I can’t think of the words to tell you how much I enjoy working with her. She has helped me fill two very hard positions. Her personality is uplifting and sense of humor is refreshing. Her follow-up is perfect, and she makes my life so easy. You have a wonderful employee. She makes me look really good in my job. Thank you very much!

Bonnie Holland, 3D Systems, Inc.

It has been a pleasure working with you also. The level of assistance received from Sage has been first-class. I don’t see a reason for giving business to another agency when I get the VIP treatment from you! Thank you for your hard work.

Ed Hernandez, HR Textron

I truly appreciate the outstanding service you provide to your clients and enjoy doing business with you. Sage has provided us with so many excellent workers over the years. We truly recognize and appreciate the caliber of employees you attract.

Ken Pulskamp, City of Santa Clarita