It’s no secret that the experience a candidate has during your company’s interviewing and hiring process can drastically affect their feelings towards your organization as a whole. In fact, a great experience just may be the tipping point for a job seeker to accept your offer, while a terrible one will all but guarantee a refusal.


Here are a few ways to leave a positive, lasting impression on candidates.

Connect on More Outlets


Employers and staffing agencies now have more opportunities than ever before to connect with potential candidates, but many are falling short in this department. Connect with candidates through social networking sites, online referrals and job boards. This gives your recruiting process a bit more of a personal touch. But don’t stop there. Be sure to track where your best candidates are coming from, so you know which platforms are delivering top talent.

Communicate Regularly


Most candidates cannot stand to be left in the dark, so be sure to regularly communicate with them during the hiring process. Phone calls and personal emails about their applications, as well as where they stand in the hiring process, can – and will – make a huge difference.

Streamline Your Application Process


Cumbersome, frustrating application processes can quickly tarnish your company’s reputation. Also, keep in mind that candidates respond better to more personal experiences than automation when it comes to applying for a job. Review your current application process and ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does it have a personal feel, or does it feel automated?
  • Does it offer a ‘status’ so candidates can see where they stand in the application process?


While automation helps in some areas, the application process itself is not one of them. Improving this process and adding a more personalized touch will improve the overall candidate experience with your company.


Position Your Company Well

At the end of the day, a positive candidate hiring experience can do wonders for your business.  So much so that a majority of job seekers will accept an offer that is 5 percent lower than what they were expecting, simply because of the positive impression you created during the interview process.

Partner with Sage Staffing!

If you’re interested in learning how you can improve your organization’s hiring process, contact Sage Staffing today.  We can objectively review the systems and processes you already have in place, and make recommendations on how to improve them to better appeal to top talent in your area.


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