If you find yourself in a situation where you decide to decline a job offer, it’s important to inform the company in a respectful, professional manner. In the business world, it is important to maintain a good reputation, and if you reject a job offer improperly, it could hurt you in the future. After successfully completing the interview process and sharing why you would love the job, it can be awkward to say no to an offer. This article sheds light on how to properly reject a job offer.

Express Gratitude

Being offered a position means you were the best to apply, and you should feel thankful the employer validated your potential, experience and skills. Thank them for giving you the opportunity.

Prompt Notification

Once you have decided to decline the job, inform the company immediately. They expected you to take the position, and now must review the applicant pool and offer the job to another candidate. The sooner they know, the quicker they can fill the job opening.

Avoid Email

Take the time to call, and share your decision verbally. Employers will appreciate the personal touch. In certain situations, consider writing a thoughtful letter. Be sure to keep it succinct and polite. Emails are less personal.

Be Honest

Don’t use a generic or cliché excuse for your decision. Be sincere and genuine, and share the true reason why you turned the offer down. Sometimes, employers will restructure their original offer based on your feedback. The feedback also will help them improve as a company.

Send a Thank-You Note

Send a nice thank-you card to express your gratitude for the offer, and send one to each person you interviewed with. This also keeps the door open for future employment.

Looking for advice?

Declining a job can be uncomfortable. If you need advice on how to decline a job offer, the experts at Sage Staffing are prepared to help.


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