After several weeks of getting rejected repeatedly in your job hunt, you can’t be blamed for feeling defeated and miserable. What you don’t want, however, is having these feelings affect your self-confidence, which manifests in cynicism and negativity — things that can turn off potential employers.


Here’s what you can do to your job search confidence a much-needed boost.


Practice Being Thankful

No matter how bad things may seem in your job search, there’s always something to be thankful about. Sure, things can get tough on a mental, physical, or emotional level. This is completely normal — looking for a job is supposed to be challenging, after all.


If you feel your lack of success in your job search is the end of the world, try some gratitude for a change. Keeping a gratitude notebook, for example, will force you to stop and think about the things you can still be thankful for, despite how your job search is going. This will help shift your perspective and focus on the positive things about your life, allowing you to persevere in your search.


Eat Healthy and Exercise

Maintaining a balanced diet and active lifestyle helps keep your energy levels up, which, in turn, releases endorphins that help you feel good about your self image. A healthy lifestyle also ensures you’re in good health (obviously), helping keep depression away. And besides, feeling good comes from looking good. A trim waist, glowing skin and a sunny disposition can all be achieved with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Get Some Help

Your job search doesn’t have to a be a solitary endeavor. For starters, there are several support groups online you can turn to when looking for jobs in your city, state, or in a particular industry. They can be valuable sources of information and support—just make sure you give back when you can. You should also turn to your family and friends whenever possible. Having even just one person who can be your partner for support and accountability will help keep your confidence intact.


Looking for a new job?

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